Kickstarter Update!

Hey There! We thought we would update you all on where we are at with our Kickstarter campaign for the Gallery here at CMV.

We were absolutely thrilled to smash our target. 2019 was a bit of a funny one for both of us for various reasons and to end it feeling loved, and although it might sound a bit weird, visible, was incredible. 

We have struggled the last couple of years to figure out how to make things work with the gallery space, it is so much fun to work on but it very rarely covers its costs and as things get more expensive and footfall for physical shops drops off, it has become harder and harder to keep it afloat, while at the same time making it accessible to artists and makers. We have the option of letting it go and just focusing back on the shop (who remembers when it was just a shop?!) but it's just a part of who we are now and we just can't imagine being without it.  

SO the idea behind the Kickstarter wasn't to raise funds for some kind of crazy, slick refurbishment, it was to simply help us put a few things into place that we think will help us grow the space into something sustainable. Now we are nearly ready to crack on! 

Firstly we are working with Saul Studio on designing a book template that will become the basis of a series of editions. Bear with us, this part of the plan isn't going to happen overnight, we want this to be GOOOOOD! (it will be).

If it works we think that this can grow and become something that will support the gallery a bit at a time. There aren't big bucks to be made from publishing unless you are super lucky but we also wanted some kind of legacy. Working with makers is wonderful but we often bring down a show, scrape the vinyl off the window and wish we had some permanent record of the event that isn't just digital so we are hoping this will be it.  

We also want to install a sink and mini kitchen area which will mean we can host workshops after hours. At the moment we don't have any running water and this makes events and messy workshops really difficult. We aren't looking at anything fancy but there will be somewhere to wash hands, paintbrushes etc and to make a cup of tea, grab a cold beer or a hobnob.  

We also want to create a donation box for the gallery space so if folk have a few pennies to donate, or want to pay for a carrier bag they can pop it in something fun! 

These things are the priorities for us and if we do have any money left we will move on to updating the lights and installing some film on the windows that will help reduce heat in the Summer. 

In the meantime, if you backed the project you will have received about a dozen different surveys and emails from us pestering you for information. Your rewards will be with you very soon! If you didn't back the Kickstarter but you want to support us somehow then get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

If you have an idea for a workshop, event, pop-up or would like to pop some pennies in our pot, drop us a line. We can be found lurking around on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course, you can call the store or drop us an email. You could also just pop in and say hello in person, in fact, we would like that the best. 

By continuing to shop with us you are supporting us, by reading this you are supporting us, by giving us a hug and bringing us a bag of mini eggs (you know who you are) you are supporting us, by tagging Stevie dog in your photos you are supporting us, by leaving us a review on google or Trip Advisor you are supporting us, by telling your friends to come and see us you are supporting us, by remembering us when you need help with finding a book or connecting you with another maker you are supporting us. So I guess my point is... We feel your support and your love and we will be here as long as we can be!

MASSIVE hugs, nose dibs, and cwtches. 

Becky, Andy & Stevie Dog


PS. If you didn't watch the Kickstarter video, you really should. It is beautiful! Well, the bits that Hungry Sandwich Club did are... sorry about our snaggletoothed faces!