Friends of CMV


We recently ran a kickstarter to help fund our gallery space, you can watch the film below to find out a bit more about that and about how we need your ongoing support in keeping it a sustainable, vibrant, inclusive, independent gallery and event space here in Leeds. 



The retail landscape is changing fast, but what remains important to us as a team is experience, learning, and relationships. We love sourcing stuff for the shop and we will continue to do this as long as you come over to buy things. However, we know you are buying less stuff, we all are. We are visiting physical retail spaces less often and we want to grow the side of our business that offers us all more.  If you would like to help support the space you can donate below or simply purchase something in the store or online. 

HUGE thanks to the following people for being firm friends of CMV. Their help and support has enabled us to continue to grow the space into 2020 and beyond! 


Names in alphabetical order here (will take me a bit of time to do this). Is there a way we can make this into a different typeface or colour or something? 


If you would like to donate to the space you may do so here. Any donation however small really makes  difference. You can donate the price of a coffee or a pint over on our Ko-Fi page here: