You Don't Need a Dick to DJ | Smokin' Jo

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Before she became Smokin Jo - the most famous and visible of the first generation of 'superstar DJs' - Joanne Joseph was a young girl growing up in a children's home with her sister. Her life was devoid of music: the home didn't allow it, apart from hymns and carols at Christmas.


As she entered the turbulent years of adolescence, Jo discovered the burgeoning underground acid house scene of Soho, instantly finding herself at honme amongst the misfits who breathed and survived on dance music and ecstasy. Within a couple of years, in lightning-fast ascent, Jo claimed her place as one of the most exciting and revered DJs of the rave scene. In 1992, Jo was awarded DJ of the Year in DJ Magazine's list of Top 100 DJs. To this day she is still the only woman to achieve this accolade.


This alternately celebratory and brutal memoir tells a story full of change, growth and determination. It documents her struggles with drink and drugs and the journey towards peace and sobriety. It shares the highs and lows of rave culture: the elation and euphoria that comes with entertaining an audience as well as the misogyny, racism, prejudice and homophobia of the scene, as told by someone who has been at the hard end of these experiences.


You Don't Need a Dick to DJ is an extraordinary, moving and untorgettable story trom a pioneer and survivor; perhaps the most honest and startling memoir yet to emerge from the club scene.


Size: 163 x 241mm

Pages: 304

Publisher: White Rabbit

You Don't Need a Dick to DJ | Smokin' Jo | Colours May Vary