Why Graphic Culture Matters | Rick Poynor

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Why Graphic Culture Matters is a series of essays written by Rick Poynor, one of the foremost writers on graphic design, typography and visual culture working today.


Split into three chapters (Definitions, Tools & Futures), the 40+ essays contain within deal with subjects as diverse as design celebrity, ethical design, the death of the critic, visual literacy and relational aesthetics. It's writing with an opinion too, Rick has ideas about what design should do, how it should act, what matters; he's been writing about this stuff for long enough to argue his points convincingly (and often wittily) too. Better still, it's a very accessible read, one you can easily dip into and get something out of.


Size: 110 x 178mm (softback)

Pages: 317

Publisher:Occasional Papers



Why Graphic Culture Matters | Rick Poynor | Colours May Vary