When Quiet Was The New Loud | Tom Clayton [SIGNED COPIES]

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When Quiet Was The New Loud was/is a very good album by The Kings of Convenience. It was a gentle, strummed, hummable album that somehow spearheaded the New Acoustic Movement at the tail end of the '90s. While commercial radio fed us the David Gray / Dido portion of the pie (keep reading, keep reading...), there was, bubbling away underneath, a properly inventive slew of bands and acts that somehow coalesced under this rather clunky banner.


Badly Drawn Boy, Turin Brakes, (early) Coldplay, Kathryn Williams, Doves, Kings of Convenience, Elbow - all these bands (and more) began to emerge from the dashed remains of Britpop, (h)ushering in a new sound in the process - something less strident and more contemplative. The history is, in musical terms, pretty recent, but just as Fearless by Jeanette Leach made us reach back to our post-rock LPs, this book will have you re-listening to records and acts that, twenty years on, are ripe for re-appraisal.


in WQWTNL (Surely this is how NME would have written it?) Tom Clayton looks back at the key records from the period – bestsellers and hidden gems alike – rediscovering the songs, personalities and stories of the time and revealing a moment when, albeit briefly, the meek really did inherit the earth


Pages: 192

Publisher: Route Publishing

When Quiet Was The New Loud | Tom Clayton [SIGNED COPIES]