Weird Walk #4

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Weird walking reached its zenith this week with the news that Stone Henge had once travelled to its current destination from Wales!

The new issue of Weird Walk is here to bring us more wanderings and wonderings. Included inside, you'll find an interview with Nick Hayes on trespassing (his book 'Trespass' is one of our reads of the year), Stewart Lee travels in the footsteps of revolutionary artists to the standing stones of Lamorna and, in a regular series, we get to listen to Bark Psychosis (yes!) as we travel the edgelands.


It started as a walk, friends actively engaged in the British landscape. It has become a lovingly put together zine on these activities.


Professor of Neolithic Archeology Vicki Cummings fills us in on this fascinating period of this island's history.

Weird Walk #4 | Colours May Vary