Weird Walk #2.

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Bigger, weirder...

As the harvest season ends and we stagger towards winter, the ghostly glimmer of other worlds hovers in our imagination. Samhain, the gateway to the darker half of the year, poised between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. 

A look at the time Doctor Who went folk horror in a Wiltshire village. The new Readers’ Vibes section brings some location-specific spookiness to the party. Elsewhere, Justin Hopper discovers uncanny vibes within rural perfection, and Benjamin Myers tells of strange goings-on in Calderdale.

The veil is thin... keep walking weird.


It started as a walk, friends actively engaged in the British landscape. It has become a lovingly put together zine on these activities.


Boss Morris! 

Weird Walk #2 - Colours May Vary
Weird Walk #2.
Weird Walk #2.