Weird Walk #1.

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'Stick to the roads and best of luck'. Good advice if you're trying to avoid werewolves on the Yorkshire Moors, but not great advice if you want to find something unexpected and engage with the lore and landscape of the British landscape. 

Weird Walk, 'a journal of wanderings and wonderings from the British Isles', takes us from the well-trodden paths and leads us into mystery, magic and flat roofed pubs. Issue #1 catches up Justin Hopper, the author of 'The Old Weird Albion', brings us up-to-speed on the world of Dungeon Synth, explores the magical neolithic Avebury landscape and tells the tale of original weird walker William Kempe.


It started as a walk, friends actively engaged in the British landscape. It has become a lovingly put together zine on these activities.


Any guide that shines a light on flat-roofed pubs is ok by us.


Weird Walk #1.