Vestoj #11 | 'On Everyday Life'

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The new Vestoj lands, as beautifully assembled as ever, and full of fantastic writing about why we wear what we wear.


About the new issue, 'On Everyday Life', editor Anja Cronberg writes "The issue is an exploration of routines, rituals and repetitions, the many ingenious ways in which the weak make use of the strong, how ‘common people’ reappropriate and subvert material culture to suit their own interests and rules, and a lyrical and critical exploration of generic, inexpensive and mass produced objects. We are looking at the practice and poetics of the everyday, consumption as a creative act, and consumers not as passive receptacles, but rather active agents with the ability to adapt the system imposed on them in a myriad of small, personal and intuitive ways in order to navigate and enjoy life."




This annual journal of sartorial matters is published in Paris under the patronage of the London College of Fashion. Each issue is themed around a central subject and contains essays, fiction, prose, interviews and photography. It is about clothing - but it is also about so much more.


Size: 240 x 170mm

Pages: 190

Vestoj #11 | 'On Everyday Life' | Colours May Vary