Varieties of Melancholy | The School of Life

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For those of you sensitive to melancholy, this might be the book for you. Although usually seen as a state of sadness, this book redefines melancholy as a 'serene, wise and kindly response to the difficulties of being alive'.


Here you'll find a celebration of the melancholy spirit and a carefully curated selection of the most universally recognised melancholy states. Photos & melancholy ('We start to realise how much of life has been less than we would have hoped'), parties & melancholy ('are you well? Are you having fun?'), Architecture & melancholy ('Stay with me and together we'll invent a new, better way of life') - there 35 concise chapters to help you, the melancholy reader, gain insight, acceptance, and self-compassion.


Size: 180 x 125mm

Pages: 176

Publisher: The School of Life


Varieties of Melancholy | The School of Life