Tokyo Artrip | Wagashi

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‘Tokyo Artrip’ is a series of billingual guidebooks about the Japanese capital. Each edition introduces a different theme selected from the perspective of Japanese culture, art, and design. The cover illustration is by the popular Japanese illustrator Noritake.
This edition features ‘wagashi’, traditional Japanese confections typically made from plant-based ingredients and often served with green tea. The book includes insight from four ‘wagashi’ lovers: sweets specialist Ricca Fukuda, Motohiro Inaba (co-owner of the Wagashi Asobi speciality shop), Hiroshi Matsuno (owner of Yanaka Matsunoya: Handmade Tools for Everyday Use), and the ‘Tokyo Artrip’ editorial team. The guide features essential ‘wagashi’ spots to visit throughout the city.

Size: 120 x 200mm

Pages: 128


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Tokyo Artrip - Wagashi | Colours May Vary