Throbbing Gristle: An Endless Discontent | Ian Trowell

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This book sites the Hull-born English music and visual arts group Throbbing Gristle as both a lens and critical tool for England during the punk years and the Winter of Discontent. Using detailed archival research and testimony from key performances, it plots the impact and affective reach of the band


Described as the wreckers of civilisation, this book explores how Throbbing Gristle lived up to this label in the British punk climate of the late 1970s. Punk acts as a mediating factor and nuisance value in the band's story, as Throbbing Gristle emerged with punk in late 1976, grappled with it through 1977, and went on to create and eventually criticise a number of post-punk scenes that had flourished around 1979. 


Size: 170 x 244mm

Pages: 288

Publisher: Intellect


Throbbing Gristle: An Endless Discontent | Ian Trowell | Colours May Vary