The South Yorkshire Moors: | Christopher Goddard

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Subtitled 'A hand-drawn guide to walking and exploring the woodlands of South Yorkshire and Northern Derbyshire, Covering Large Parts of the Dark Peak', this walking guide, produced by Sheffield-born map maker Christopher Goddard, is a thing of real wonder. We say that because this cartographic marvel is not only full of lovely hand-drawn walking maps that take us across the moorland of South Yorkshire, it is also absolutely stuffed full of annotated and fascinating details. 


The book covers the open access moorland of Kinder Scout, Bleaklow, Howden, Derwent, Stanage and the Eastern Moors, seeking out less-travelled routes across these popular parts of the Peak District.


Each page opens up an area via its history, markers, architecture, flora, fauna, and everything in between. This isn't a walking guide, it's an education to be taken in alfresco, while wandering happily in familiar, yet unknown places. 


Intricate, thorough, engrossing - these are fantastic pieces of work that will keep you occupied and exploring. They might even wean us off Google Maps too.


Size: 210 x 148mm (paperback)

Pages: 192

Publisher: Gritstone Publishing

The South Yorkshire Moors: | Christopher Goddard | Colours May Vary