The Quentin Blake Book | Jenny Uglow

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It says a great deal about Quentin Blake that it is almost impossible to separate his work from childhood. Asked to name a British illustrator, we're sure most people would have him near, or at the top of their list. So this beautiful book - a fully illustrated overview presented by Jenny Uglow, is a very welcome addition to the shop.


The Quentin Blake Book covers the illustrator's career from from his teenage cartoons for Punch Magazine to his response to world suffering in his 2020 exhibition 'We Live in Worrying Times'. In between you'll find Penguin paperback covers, his first collaborative children's book work with John Yeoman, his illustrated classics made for the Folio Society, his brilliant biro portraits, and, of course his iconic work created for Roald Dahl's wonderful children's books.


This beautifully published, richly illustrated book contains unprecedented access to the artist's archive and reveals the stories behind sone of Blake's most famous creations.


Size: 200 x 2600mm

Pages: 256

Publisher: Thames & Hudson






The Quentin Blake Book | Jenny Uglow