The New Creatives | Seema Sharma

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As the creative industry undergoes a transformative shift due to the rise of artificial intelligence, The New Creatives offers a groundbreaking exploration of the changes to come. Uniquely co-authored by creative director Seema Sharma and artificial intelligence, this book delves deep into the questions and concerns raised byy the impact of Al on the industry and the creative.


In this one-of-a-kind book, the authors examine the skills, processes, and work ethics that will be affected by Al, and discuss the emotional and economic value of creativity in this new landscape. They explore the potential disappearance of certain jobs, the changing dynamics of client relationships, and the survival of the copywriter and art director in the age of Al. From "emotional design specialists to "extended reality designers", the book also sheds light on new roles emerging in the industry and elaborates on the new formats that will become necessary.


Drawing on Seema Sharma's expertise in creativity and her previous works, Read Nothing In Here and Write Nothing In Here, The New Creatives offers a thought-provoking guide to the future of creativity in the face of emerging technologies. This book is an essential read for anyone navigating the exciting possibilities and challenges in the communications, marketing, and advertising industry.


Size: 140 x 200mm (softback)

Pages: 289

Publisher: BIS

The New Creatives | Seema Sharma