The Modernist #49 | 'Neglected'

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Much like the brittle skeleton of the Christmas tree you still have left in your back yard, this issue of The Modernist looks at things that have, over time, seen better days.


Inside you'll find the 'crumbling edge of quality' that was present in the pre-privatised National Railways, the effect of online shopping and decreased footfall on Cumbernauld Town Centre, the deliberate neglect of the Central Hill Estate in South London, and a proposed revamp of the early '80s Olympic Stadium that was renovated for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.


Elsewhere - the need to reappraise the work of neglected UK tapestry artist Mary Farmer, an abandoned modernist utopian town in Haiti, and Liverpool's 'Streets in the Sky' project that never came to fruition.



The Modernist is a quarterly publication about architecture and design in the 20th Century (fact). It is also a passionate, witty, academic, and thought-provoking read (another fact).


Size: 200 x 200mm

Pages: 60



The Modernist #49 | 'Neglected'