The Lemming #7 | Spring 2023

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Delighted to welcome The Lemming to our shelves - a magazine brought to our attention by a punter who recommended it to us (thank you!). 


Issue #7, the sex, housing and politics issue, Beth Jones takes a look at the London commune of Freestonia, Laura Rose o'Connor looks at how there's nothing we can do about the climate crisis, apart from everything, and Joe Conway presents the need for a sex positive movement for men.


Elsewhere - Rees Mogg acquires Mumsnet in a parallel universe, Dylan Hatton talks 'twaddle' and there are three organisations spotlighted who are building networks of solidarity across activist groups.



Manchester's favourite DIY mag bringing us politics, activism, and art.


Size: 200 x 275mm (staple bound)

Pages: 35

The Lemming #7 | Spring 2023 | Colours May Vary