The Interviews: Volume Two | The Brand Identity

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The Interviews: Volume Two consists of 636 pages of interviews with the world's best designers, studios and type foundries, including Dinamo, Margot Lévéque, DIA, Order, MOUTHWASH Studio, CoType Foundry, Alright Studio, Some Days, Regular Practice, Sociotype, Decade and more.


Nearly double the page count of Volume One, it contains a grand total of 62 timeless conversations conducted by The Brand ldentity between 2019-2021; discussing in-depth topics such as projects, process and practice. It also includes brand-new reflections detailing how each creative or company has evolved between then and now.


Printed on a combination of premium G.F Smith uncoated and coated papers, The Interviews: Volume Two has been designed to resemble the construction of a classic autobiography; with a glossy image section sandwiched between text-only pages. In line with its archival nature, the green PVC cover protects the pages of the book, helping to keep the conversations - once online, now tangible - safe from deterioration.


Size: 107 x 180mm

Pages: 636


The Interviews: Volume Two | The Brand Identity | Colours May Vary