The End is at Hand: An Illustrated History of the Apocalypse | Darrell Perkins

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Hey, all you doom scrollers and bad news bears, Darrel Perkins knows what time it is, and that time is NIGH! The End is at Hand is a book about the end: extinction, doomsday, Ragnarok... THE END!


A witty and informative illustrated history of the Apocalypse is just what we need in these dark and doom-filled times, even if it's to see that we've been waiting for has been coming since the giant asteroid first ht sixty-six million years ago. Yep, inside we've got apocalyptic horsemen, plagues, a whole slew of doomsday cults, chemical warfare, alien invasions and even bloody AI.


Each entry has been beautifully illustrated by Perkins, a printmaker from Providence (how apt...), who created these linocuts to illuminate the gloom.


Now, did anyone say pandemic?


Size: 186 x 262mm (hardcover)

Pages: 125

Publisher: Feral House




The End is at Hand | Darrell Perkins | Colours May Vary