The Creative Act: A Way of Being | Rick Rubin

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"Creativity is not a rare ability. It is not difficult to access. Creativity is a fundamental aspect of being human. It's our birthright. And it's for all of us."


Rick Rubin is a self-propelled human being. He set up Def-Jam Recordings simply because he wanted to hear the tunes he heard in the hip hop clubs on record. He's an instigator, a collaborator, a... creative.


This is Rick's book about creativity. it's a book about his reflections, moments, ideas. It isn't a hard and fast guide to living, it's a quiet, thoughtful set of ruminations and thoughts about the creativity impulse (over 70 micro chapters make up this book). It's a meditative read; it doesn't shout, it ponders and it is all the better for it.


How do we do a simple thing like choose? What is it that works for you? What is essence (or is-ness)? 


I've read 10 pages of this book and feel the need to put it down - not because it's not any good, it's very good, i just want to put it down and do something creative - this book impelled me.


Size: 160 x 224mm

Pages: 432

Publisher: Canongate


The Creative Act: A Way of Being | Rick Rubin | Colours May Vary