The City is Ours #4 | Torn Posters

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As important it is to look up, sometimes the treasure is to be found at our feet. Issue 5 of The City is Ours takes a long look at the humble Manhole cover.


Inside you'll see how manholes (or drain covers & coal holes) evolved from mere functional objects to forms of artistic expression, featuring everything from ornate covers in Japan to the historical designs of early urban planners.


The issue delves into how these everyday objects have inspired artists, engaged historians, and captivated the curious, and features a collection of diverse interpretations of manhole covers. 



The City of Ours, published by the Helsinki-based Other Editions, is a series of bookazines that attempts to demonstrate that anything can be more interesting and meaningful that what it seems to be.


Size: 150 x 220mm (softback, perfect binding)

Pages: 80

The City is Ours #4 | Torn Posters | Colours May Vary