T - Lab Pole Pole Wooden Animal | Anteater

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This is a Pole Pole Anteater! A calm and minimal little character to keep you company. 

"Pole pole" means slowly, little by little, in Swahili.

The Japanese manufacturer T-Lab is committed to handing down the craft of woodworking. as well as preserving the natural and very rapid growth of the Albizia Falcata forests by committing to replant the trees used in its production. It is an entirely natural product with no chemical treatments or pollutants in the wood or in the paint used.

These delightful little characters have been hand made in Bali using vegetable based paint. Each animal is different, as they are hand produced each will have it's own unique character. 

Please note that this is a decorative object and as such is not suitable for small children. 

    Measures: :5.20 x 3.20 x 3.20 cm (H x W x L) 

    T - Lab Pole Pole Wooden Animal | Anteater