Synthesizer Evolution | Oli Freke

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Oli Freke's 'Synthesizer Revolution' is a visual celebration of the synthesizer. The book contains every major synth, drum machine and sampler made between 1963 and 1995, with each entry is illustrated in Oli's charming style (based on his own Synth Evolution posters, which he began in 2017).


Each entry is annotated, giving product details, date of production and added extras (including albums and programmes that that the synth has been used on). There's even an intro that traces the synthesizers history and a guide to what a synth actually is.


A comprehensive, lovingly geeky and completely unique way to tell the story of these electronic objects of fascination, desire and reverence.


Size: 170 x 234mm (paperback)

Pages: 122

Publisher: Velocity Press 



Synthesizer Evolution | Oli Freke | Colours May Vary