Studio Arhoj Crystal Blob - Lucky Dip

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Melted into form from massive chunks of sparkling glass the Crystal Blobs are distant cousins to the other figurines from the Studio Arhoj Copenhagen studio hot shop! 

This is a listing for a LUCKY DIP Studio Arhoj Crystal Blob! 

We have a good selection in store but we haven't had the chance to list them all and so many of you have asked for a lucky dip option online! What does this mean? It means we choose for you. 

If you do have a preference for shape or colour please do leave a note on your order, we will always do our best but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to send your request so if you don't like the idea of that then pop into store where you can see our current selection. 

Please note that the image used is not representative of the blobs we currently have available, it is an illustration only. Blobs vary in weight, size and colour. 



Studio Arhoj Crystal Blob - Lucky Dip