Slavic Kitchen Alchemy | Zuza Zak

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Subtitled 'Nourishing Herbal Remedies. Magical Recipes & folk Wisdom', this new book by Polish storyteller-cook Zuza Zak is stocked full of Slavic wisdom and folk healing that have been passed down by her Polish grandmothers.


Divided into chapters that follow the seasons, the book allows for the reader to be guided by earth-focused rhythms, and follow nature's path across the year. Inside you'll find natural remedies, homemade beauty products, nutritious recipes, traditional folk arts, rituals that honour the passing year, and the folktales and mythology that connect to the natural world around us.


So whether you want to whip up some Mirabelle Jam to help relieve stress, dye your trousers using birch and hawthorn, or make a ritual candle to help honour your ancestors - Savic Kitchen is the only book you'll need.


Size: 190 x 224mm (hardback)

Pages: 208

Publisher: Watkins

Slavic Kitchen Alchemy | Zuza Zak