Season of the Witch: The Book of Goth | Cathi Unsworth (SIGNED COPY)

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Goth stumbles into its 40s, where, as the saying goes, afterlife begins. In Season of the Witch, writer and author Cathi Unsworth takes a panoramic look at this peculiarly British subculture - one which gained form as the United Kingdom fell under the iron grip of Margaret Thatcher's Tory government. This is a enthralling read, and both a social history, positioning goth as a countercultural force shaped by the upheavals and politics of the period, and a celebration of the musicians and players who created a hugely innovative and atmospheric scene - one that pulled towards it a generation of alienated youth.


One thing Season of the Witch does brilliantly is unite seemingly disparate tribes together into a kohl-eyed whole - here you'll find the punk progenitors, militant mavericks, Klub Footed psychobillies, Yorkshire brethren, trench coated disciples and more, all battling under the banner and against the prevailing conservatism and social upheaval of the time. Goth was never one-dimensional, it arose from a multitude of influences - from music, literature, fashion and film - and Unsworth skilfully fleshes out these bones. Season of the Witch is an excellent, enlightening read, and manages to re-animate this undervalued and misunderstood subcultural sect and finally give Goth the exposure it deserves (never to daylight though, eh?).


Size: 165 X 242 (HARDBACK)

Pages: 488

Publisher: Nine Eight Books


Season of the Witch: The Book of Goth | Cathi Unsworth | Colours May Vary