Ralph #1

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Fiennes, McTell, Lauren...Macchio. The world isn't blessed with that many famous Ralphs, so maybe this new title is here to change things up a little?


Ralph is, apparently, a little indebted to the pop culture mags of the '90s, and we're not a page in before Leeds' own James 'Loaded' Brown is mentioned. Loaded, lest we forget, was a mag 'dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of sex, drink, football and less serious matters'. Surely we're all to busy diddling on our phones to get up to that kind of caper these days, and football... please.


Anyway - this inaugural issue brings us vinyl collecting clubs that celebrate black music, the cresting tidal wave that is the J-Pop boom, interviews with comedians (in pubs), interviews with bands (in pubs), and interviews with actors (in pubs). There's a close look at the LA 'Takeover' scene, That Max Halley sandwich bloke, india's cosplay heroes, the Simpsons / fast food crossover ('90s enough?) and a reflection on AI and your job security. 


It's got a bold, bright, maximal look, which reminded us of Sandwich Magazine - and now we know it's edited by Sandwich's Josh Jones, that makes complete sense.



Ralph is a brand new pop culture focused independent title. Looking on the brighter side of life while harnessing the chaotic freedom of 90s magazine design and content


Size: 195 x 270mm

Pages: 124

Ralph #1 | Colours May Vary