Paper Cuts | Ted Kessler

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Subtitled 'How I Destroyed The British Music Press and Other Misadventures', Paper Cuts is the story of the inky music press (and its demise) and Kessler's part in it. Working at the NME through the nineties and then Q Magazine until its death in 2020 - Kessler has a lot of stories to tell and does so beautifully.


Paul Weller, Kevin Rowland, Mark E Smith, the Happy Mondays, The Manics, Oasis, The Strokes - Kessler has met and journeyed (and partied) with them all. This is a story about love and death, about what it's like when a music writer shacks up with a conflict of interest, and what happens when your younger brother starts appearing on the cover of the magazines you work for, this is the memoir of 'a delinquent doofus' whose life was both rescued and defined by music magazines.


If reminiscences about Pete 'Spacemen 3' Kember sharing hash while his mum shouts him down for tea is what your after (snd for christ's sake, why wouldn't it be?), then this is for you.


Size: 160 x 240mm

Pages: 314

Publisher: White Rabbit

Paper Cuts | Ted Kessler | Colours May Vary