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Notebook is Mubi's print publication for lovers of film, and a handsome thing it is too. Each issue features original contributions by film artists, writers, curators, and archivists about a unique and eclectic array of cinematic subjects.


Inside this wide-ranging issue:  We see red and learn how to perfect fake blood, learn how to fall like a slapstick legend, discover the secrets of sustainable film development, and find out about the complexities of filming, archiving and observing revolutionary events.


Elsewhere - the intersection between Hollywood movie making, Chinese silver mining and ecological devastation in California is uncovered, we get to peep into the pages of Frank Tashlin's '50s classic 'How to Create Cartoons', ogle at the Douy brothers tracing paper sketches for Jodorowsky's Dune, and discover the many surprising ways that stars have bowed out of the film industry.



Notebook is a biannual magazine created, prepared and published by MUBI. It is devoted to the art and the culture of cinema. 

Notebook #5 | Hold Magazine in Your Hands | Colours May Vary