Neon Screams | Kit Mackintosh

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Sub-titled 'How Drill, Trap and Bashment Made Music New Again' this is a book that refutes the adage that there is nothing new to listen to in the world of music. This book is a manifesto for a new musical futurism, about sound that steps beyond known and demarcated barriers.

As Simon Reynolds points out in his introduction 'Neon Screams focuses on where the innovations have been most startling and disorientating: Black street sounds.' Kit Mackintosh's book starts in the late 2000s, beginning with street music's embrace of Auto-Tune, and whips us through the last decade, presenting the pioneers and innovators of the scene. 

If you are of the mind that music isn't what it used to be, Neon Screams is here to prove that it can be something much more.



Pages: 150

Publisher: Repeater Books

Neon Screams | Kit Mackintosh | Colours May Vary