Moonbuilding | Sprung 2023

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Edited by Neil 'Electronic Sound' Mason and published by Colin Morrison's Castles in Space label, Moonbuilding is a brilliant new music magazine that focuses on independent electronic DIY labels & artists. 


Issue 3 is a belter - not only is there a 10 page interview with the Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan main man Gordon Chapman-Fox, but there's a full-page review of his new album AND a CD full of previously unreleased WRNTDP tracks - bingo!


Elsewhere - there's an interview with Audrey Golden about her new book 'Women at Factory Records' (also in stock folks!), a chat about lathe-cutting with Subexotic label owner Dan Saville, and a catch up with John Foxx who talks about his 'firsts'. If this wasn't enough, Alex Peterson reminisces about taping the radio (in New York), and there's ton of artwork by the talented Nick Taylor to stare at. 


Chuck in some excellent record reviews of excellent records (which made me buy stuff), some info on the books you ought to be reading, and a strip by the wonderful Steven 'Rockets Passing Overhead' Appleby, and you've got something pretty special in your hands (and in your ears).


Size: 148 x 210mm (A5)

Pages: 46

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Moonbuilding | Sprung 2023 | Colours May Vary