Middle Plane #8

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Middle Plane’s eighth issue is here, and it’s a memorandum on the current state of modernity and an attempt to figure out what the hell ‘modern’ even means.


This issue turns to artists and intellectuals in a quest to define the word and have received many a thoughtful treatise in return.


Marina Abramović and Willem Dafoe are photographed by Juergen Teller, and chat about fresh approaches to classical artforms with Dan Thawley. Hans Ulrich Obrist and Alvaro Barrington unpack modernity in the artist’s work, and what exhibitions need to be today in order to remain relevant. And Urs Fischer invites his friend Awol Erizku to his LA home to contemplate what modernity feels like, and what it promises.



Middle Plane is an independent art and fashion, bi-annual publication based in London.


Size: 240 x 315mm

Pages: 368

Middle Plane #8
Middle Plane #8