Lifeguard Towers: Miami | Tommy Kwak

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Tommy Kwak's Lifeguard Towers series, which depicts seaside structures in California, New York, and Miami, are studies in candy-coated colour. These seafront structures are painted in the most beautiful shades of pink and purple, yellow and green, pitching us somewhere between a neon splattered '90s and a Pixar wonderland.


"The towers were commissioned by the city of Miami in 1995 as part of a rebuild effort after Hurricane Andrew, with new towers added in 2015, dotting the eight mile stretch of shoreline with colour and style. Kwak first encountered them four years later, in 2019. Immediately "| was hooked," he said. The pink tower on 17th Street was the first one he photographed, and thus began a years-long obsession"


It's one of those perfect projects, which, each time you flip open a page, seems  to release another dose of serotonin and vitamin D.


Size: 162 x 210mm (hardback)

Pages: 64

Publisher: Blurring Books


Lifeguard Towers: Miami | Tommy Kwak | Colours May Vary