Left Cultures #3

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Left Cultures lands on the day that saw the the end to 14 years of Conservative (mis)rule and the coming to power of a new Labour government. Hope springs eternal.


Inside another packed issue brings us 52 more personal stories that illuminate how the culture of the left has aided and inspired the contributors on their own journey to culture creation. These beautifully illustrated essays show how varied the influences are - protests, albums, magazines, literature, films, choirs, skateboarding, art...  all influences that guided their writers in the direction of community, production, creation and, in most cases, hope. These are all stories filled with hope, love, family (which features strongly in this issue), community, passion - things that we need, that make our culture meaningful.


It's a delight to have this drop on such a momentous day, to have it on our shelves. This is a new dawn, it's just that start, Left Cultures tells the story of how we got here.



Left Cultures is a contemporary space that champions all kinds of voices on the Left, whether they be Socialist, Communist, Anarchist or anything in between. 


Size: 180 x 250mm

Pages: 120

Left Cultures #3 | Colours May Vary