Iconic: Icons & Pictograms in Design Today | Counter-Print

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Icons and pictograms were created to fulfill a need for effective communication in our lives and have since become essential components in shaping our digital landscape. Their ability to hurdle language barriers and simplify complex concepts has made them indispensable in today's world.


In this new title from the ever-reliable Counterprint, you'll find richly illustrated chapters that look at the use of pictograms in branding, their use as logos, their essential use in wayfinding, and a final chapter on icon systems. As usual, there is a huge range of work on display that comes from a wealth of global creative talent.


Explore this dynamic evolution of visual communication in ‘Iconic: Icons and Pictograms in Design Today’.


Size: 210 x 297mm

Pages: 200

Publisher: Counterprint


Iconic: Icons & Pictograms in Design Today | Counter-Print