Hwæt Zine #4 | Witchcraft & Cunning Folk

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Issue four of Hwæt is a celebration of everything that the witch might represent, and an exploration of the meaning of the witch, witchcraft & cunning folk in both the ancient and modern worlds.


From a powerful introduction from George Parr, that takes us from C16th witch trials to WitchTok, the new Hwæt brings us articles on witchcrafts' radical potential, archaeologies of cunning women, the witch archetype and the misrepresentations that have sprung from it, and witchcraft and superstition from the North York moors.


Elsewhere - a visit to the Maggie Wall Monument in Perthshire, dancing the sun up the hedge morris way, a conversation with Korean American writer, artist, and musician Johanna Hedva, and a history of alewives and brewers in witchcraft.


Size: 148 x 210mm

Pages: 86



Hwæt Zine #4 | Witchcraft & Cunning Folk