Hwæt Zine #3 | Ancient Stones & Megaliths

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Hwæt (rhyming with cat) has been translated as hark, listen and hey (and also 'bro', but you'll have to read the intro to find out more on that) and issue one is a rallying call to modern folks wanting a bit of ancient lore in their lives.


Issue three takes as its subject matter the enigmatic and ancient standing stones and megaliths that can be found across the globe. Inside: Neurosis man Steve Von Till talks standing stones and green men, there's a look at modern stone circles in the contemporary landscape, Enis Men director Mark Jenkin chats about folk horror and phallic symbols, there's an exploration of dark tourism and the American megalith, and a look into why we still try to find the meanings behind these stone formations.


Also - a guide to Megalithic Britain, a quiz on ancient stones, and a reading list to keep you going!


Size: 148 x 210mm

Pages: 106




Hwæt Zine #3 | Ancient Stones & Megaliths | Colours May Vary