Hwæt Zine #2 | Myths & Legends

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Hwæt (rhyming with cat) has been translated as hark, listen and hey (and also 'bro', but you'll have to read the intro to find out more on that) and issue one is a rallying call to modern folks wanting a bit of ancient lore in their lives.


Hwæt reaches its sophomore issue without even pausing for breath and brings us a chunky 90 pages of beautifully illustrated folklore, mythology and legends. Helping us usher in Samhain, the Myths and Legends issue is full of stories and tales to help us embrace the seasonal change.


Inside you'll find creation myths played out in dance, an interview with Daniel Hart on his brilliant soundtrack to David Lowery's The Green Knight, an illustrated guide to the written sources of our oldest myths and legends, and a re-evaluation of the monstrous women of mythology. Elsewhere - labyrinths, Sisyphean struggles, and the epic of Glgamesh. 



Size: 148 x 210mm

Pages: 90




Hwæt Zine #2 | Myths & Legends | Colours May Vary