Hwæt Zine #1 | Folklore & Folk Horror

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Hwæt (rhyming with cat) has been translated as hark, listen and hey (and also 'bro', but you'll have to read the intro to find out more on that) and issue one is a rallying call to modern folks wanting a bit of ancient lore in their lives.


This excellent folklore zine, which has been produced by Leeds folks George Parr and Bunty May Marshall, ushers us in to a world of old gods, vampires, epic poems, wicker men and folk horror. Inside we sit down with Green Lung frontman Tom Templar, dig deep into the fertile soil of BBC comedy series The Detectorists, lose ourselves in the slow, suffocating horror of first-person horror game Mundaun, and discover why we still burn that colossus of straw and wood, the wicker man.


Hwæt examines the ways that ancient ideas, some still present and popular, some buried and half forgotten, survive in the modern day. 


 Size: 148 x 210mm

Pages: 66




Hwæt Zine #1 | Colours May Vary