Hwæt Mini Zine #2 | Lore of the Land | Ilkley

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Hwæt are not letting their rolling (standing?) stone gather any moss, with this their 5th release in the last 12 months! 


Lore of the Land #2, the latest Hwæt mini zine, takes us on a 4.5 mile tour of the spa town of Ilkley. Bypassing Betty's completely (you can get your French Fancy at the end), the guide takes us on a cyclical path across Ilkley Moor beginning at White Wells. As before, each stopping point, whether they be Anglo Saxon crosses or geographic rock formations, are brought to life by the accompanying text by George Parr. Here you'll find rampaging giants, poetry seats, bathing fairies, singing hermits, and, of course, standing stones.

Beautifully illustrated throughout by Bunty May Marshall, this is your perfect, pocket-sized accompaniment to a walk that shines a light on the myths, legends, and folklore of Ilkley


Size: 148 x 210mm 

Pages: 46



Hwæt Mini Zine #2 | Lore of the Land | Ilkley | Colours May Vary