How To Overcome Your Childhood | The School of Life

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Tell me about your childhood...

This smart and fascinating book is about our relationship to our own past, how we can learn from it and develop. Who we are, our likes, affectations, fears, are largely determined by the years of our childhood. How do we free ourselves from our past and develop? 

From discussions on the concept of character development and 'emotional intelligence' to the importance of self-reflection and self-awareness, this book is a stepping stone towards an emotionally successful adult life.

Topics include:

  • Emotional Inheritance - How emotional problems are handed down from parent to child
  • The Golden Child Syndrome - How too much love from our parents can be just as damaging as too little
  • Over-Achievement - How we compensate for emotional neglect through worldly success 
  • Splitting - How we fail to reconcile between the good and bad aspects of our parents
  • Soothing - How we still require the kinds of affection we received as children
  • Becoming an Adult - How recognising our immaturity is the key to growth 

Size: 187 x 115mm

Pages: 118

Publisher: School of Life 


How To Overcome Your Childhood by The School of Life - Colours May Vary