How the Solar System Began | Aina Bestard

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How Our Solar System Began is Aina Bestard's follow up to last year's How Life on Earth Began and it's as beautiful and jaw-dropping as its predecessor. Inside we discover how our Sun was formed, what Saturn's rings are made of, where comets come from and what lies at the very edge of our solar system.


Written and illustrated by Aina Bestard, this would be an incredible piece of non-fiction for any age group, but as a kid's book, it stands alone. The illustrations, which Bestard has based on 19th Century astronomical illustration, are beautifully rendered and give the book a timeless quality. There is just so much to look at and spot - each planetary page details the time taken to orbit the sun, the planet's diameter, density, mass and much more.


Add in lift-up flaps, tracing paper inserts, and beautifully coloured paper stock, and... well, this is one of the best kid's books we've had in our lap for a aeons (well, since the last book by Aina, that is)


Size: 245 x 335mm

Pages: 82



How the Solar System Began | Aina Bestard