How Life on Earth Began | Aina Bestard

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How Life On Earth Began is a real trip - one that takes us from the Big Bang to the appearance of the very first mammals and the earliest humans. It is the story of the Earth and it spans millions of years.


Written and illustrated by Aina Bestard, this would be a staggering piece of non-fiction for any age group, but as a kid's book, it stands alone. The illustrations, which Bestard has based on 19th Century engravings and lithographs, are beautifully rendered and give the book a timeless quality. There is just so much to look at and spot.


Add in lift-up flaps, tracing paper inserts, and beautifully colored paper stock, and... well, this is one of the best kid's books we've had in our lap for a aeons.


Size: 245 x 335mm

Pages: 82

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

How Life on Earth Began | Aina Bestard | Colours May Vary