Hellebore Zine #1 | The Sacrifice issue

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Hellebore is a poisonous plant that is thought to be an ingredient in witches flying ointment, opening up portals to the Underworld and the subconscious.

Hellebore zine is a collection of writings and essays devoted to British folk horror and the themes that inspire it: folklore, myth, history, archaeology, psychogeography, witches & the occult.

The Sacrifice issue examines the role of human sacrifice in folk horror. From the Wicker man to blood on Satans claw.

Delve into a world of witchcraft, megalithic monuments, and pagan survivals in hidden rural areas.

Featuring words by Ronald Hutton, Katy Soar, Verity Holloway, David Southwell (Hookland), Dee Dee Chainey, Mercedes Miller, John Reppion, and Maria J. Pérez Cuervo. Artwork by Paul Watson and Eli John.


A5 magazine, 68 pages

Hellebore Zine #1 The Sacrifice issue - Colours May Vary
Hellebore Zine #1 | The Sacrifice issue