Hellebore #10 | The Darkness Issue

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As Samhain heralds the darkest part of the year - shadows loom and demons lurk around every corner. 

Issue 10 of Hellebore explores darkness and it's association with myth, legend and folklore. It's time to embrace the dark side. 

HELLEBORE is a collection of writings and essays devoted to folk horror and the themes that inspire it: folklore, myth, history, archaeology, psycho-geography, and the occult.

Words by Sam George, Alice Vernon, Icy Sedgwick, Chris Esson, Verity Holloway, Keri O'Shea, and Rebecca Lambert. Cover image by Nona Limmen. Art direction by Nathaniel Hébert. Edited by Maria J. Pérez Cuervo.

A5 magazine, 84 pages.

Hellebore #10 | The Darkness Issue