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Hadley Paper Goods | Mantel Dogs

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Hadley Paper Goods are designed by Jo Waterhouse and each design starts life as an original artwork: a collage, drawing, or print.

Each card is printed on high-quality paper using inks that give really vibrant tones and a stunning matte finish. 

These iconic Staffordshire Mantel Dogs sit elegantly on any mantelpiece, shelf or shop display. Perfect for the antiquesy crowd; for lovers of British history or just dog lovers.

Their looks of stoic wisdom will both reassure and entertain the recipient of this card. They are the ideal keepers of your message, as the card opens down the middle to reveal your words inside!


 NB: This card is blank inside, but if you would like us to write a personal message inside and send it directly to your loved ones, just let us know by writing a note on your order.

Hadley Paper Goods | Mantel Dogs