Futuromania | Simon Reynolds (Hardback)

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A new book by Simon Reynolds is always reason to rejoice - and with Futuromania (a forward-facing cousin to his Retromania) he sets his sights on those bands and artists who's music anticipated and prefigured pop's future. From Donna Summer's Giorgio Moroder produced 'I Feel Love (which Reynolds sees as inventing electronic dance music) Reynolds presents us with a new history of pop music that takes in everything from synth pioneers, industrial dance, dub reggae, acid house, techno, IDM, grime and the rise of auto-tune and pitch correction.


Here you'll find two dozen essays and interviews that take us on a narrative journey from 1970 to today - a journey that sheds light on the interface between pop music and science fiction's futuristic visions and dystopian dreams and the people twiddling the knobs at the centre of it all.


Size: 164 X 242mm (hardcover with dust jacket)

Pages: 416

Publisher: White Rabbit

Futuromania | Simon Reynolds (Hardback)