Fukt #21 | The Unknown Issue

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The new issue of Fukt Features drawings by 29 contemporary artists from 18 countries around the world, and explores the uncertainties that inundate our everyday lives, the mysteries that are lurking in the shadows, and the vast potential of life beyond our own universe.


Inside you'll find work that explores themes of horror, fear and the macabre, memory, imagination and the subconscious, and the alien, the hidden and the invisible. Here you'll find spiritual drawings, unconstrained psychological scenes, imaginary characters and strange creatures. It is, once again, a beautifully assembled collection, which shows a great breadth and diversity in image-making and illuminates the power of drawing as a discipline.


Artists featured: Hanna Hennenkemper, Amy Cutler, Dede Cipon, Andreas Seltzer, Annie Pootoogook, Larissa Fassler, Jim Holyoak, Protey Temen, Hsuan-Wei Chen, Vanessa Baird, Daria Chernyshova, Zela Odessa Palmer, Julia Hasting, Sissell Fredriksen, Ingrid Koenig, Ellen Gallagher, Sanou Oumar, Isabell Schulte, yuichiro Ukaï, Olga Lisowska, Emma Kune, Thomas Ravens, H.R Giger, John Kenn Mortensen, Péter Gallov, Hip kiss, Rithika Merchant, Épi Florifère and Juni & Selma Spanier.



FUKT is a magazine about contemporary drawing. Founded in Norway in 1999 and now published in Berlin, FUKT changes our expectations of what drawing is, and what it can be.

Size: 230 x 165mm

pages: 224


Fukt #21 | The Unknown Issue | Colours May Vary
Fukt #21 | The Unknown Issue