Fukt #20 | The Faces Issue

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The brand new issue of FUKT is a celebration of the human face. Two years of masks and Zoom has robbed us of that crucial contact, muffled our conversations, eradicated our smiles, and deadened our communication -it's time to reveal our phizogs again!


Featuring drawings by 34 contemporary artists, the new issue dives into the world of portraiture and the face in contemporary art. Inside, you’ll discover a range of perspectives and topics, from face blindness to thwarting facial recognition, courtroom drawings to  Lockdown portraits – a wonderful selection of drawing positions that have a unique take on the face.


This 20th issue of FUKT carries on the fine tradition of innovative covers - this one has a blank face template under the removable picture sleeve, where you can draw a face (maybe your own?) and post it/tag it/send it to the mag to celebrate their milestone.



FUKT is a magazine about contemporary drawing. Founded in Norway in 1999 and now published in Berlin, FUKT changes our expectations of what drawing is, and what it can be.

Size: 230 x 165mm

pages: 224



Fukt #20 | The Faces Issue | Colours May Vary