Forward Always | Matthew Hodson

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Those of you with sharp minds will recall that we launched the original, self published edition with Matt way back in 2017! You can read about that in our archive here if you like.

Matt has created a brand new, all colour edition published with Cicada Press.  We were delighted to host the launch of the book on April 6th and Matt has been kind enough to sign some copies for you lucky lot  

Forwards Always is a collection of poems to be read aloud with friends and loved ones. You may need to read certain poems more than once before you get the hang of them. That’s ok though, please don’t worry. Practice them, as you would a ballet or omelettes. They are not complicated poems, but as a collection, they are varied in their shape and smell. 

Play with the book, it is a toy. Rotate it, squeeze it and wave it about. Hold it with someone else, wear it as a hat or try reading it upside down. Some poems may be improved by two readers taking turns or even reading aloud at the same time. You will figure it out.

It may seem appropriate to take this book with you on a long journey. It should fit inside the pocket of most human trousers. Please be aware that the book is neither waterproof or fire resistant. Dogs and goats will eat it, if given the opportunity. It tastes of paper.


Size: 135 x 200mm (hardback)

Pages: 60

Publisher: Cicada


Forward Always | Matthew Hodson
Forward Always | Matthew Hodson
Forward Always | Matthew Hodson